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Pre-Construction & Architecture Services

At Homes By Westgate, planning and collaboration are the foundation of our approach. We believe that thorough planning and collaboration are key to setting the project and process on the right track. Without proper planning, building a new home can be a source of stress and anxiety. However, with careful consideration and collaboration, it can be an exciting, memorable, and inspiring experience for all, especially for those building a home for the first time. The planning stage is the most critical and we will work together with you to bring your vision to life, step by step.
Our 5--Step Process
Step 01

Conceptual Design

You and your selected team of architects will tap into your creativity and put it all out on paper to begin. Together you will flesh out a preliminary rough draft of your vision for both your floor plan and your home exterior. The intention is for this to reflect your vision, needs, lifestyle, desired aesthetic, size, space and layout.


Our Process

Step 02

Preliminary Estimate

Using the conceptual design, we will provide a rough cost estimate for your home using our detailed database of historical project costs while also taking into consideration present day material and labor pricing and availability. This will provide us with a good idea how closely your project aligns with your budget and will guide us through the next step of the architectural  design phase.

Step 03

Finalized Plans & Engineered Drawings

At this stage of our collaboration we will continue working with you and your architectural team to finalize plans and design. With our valuable construction knowledge and expertise we can provide insight to best practices and alternative cost saving options before the plans are finalized. We will ensure that any construction budgetary issues are addressed at this stage to avoid costly revision later.

Step 04

In Depth Budget

Once plans have been finalized, we will work diligently to compile a comprehensive and accurate budget for your home.Our cost estimators will study the plans and specs, then gather bids and thoroughly review them. We have a wide network of high value contractors/subcontractors in order to produce the most accurate budget possible. We take everything into consideration at this stage to ensure there are no holes in the budget. This will allow us to have a smoother construction process and no surprises for our valued customers.

Step 05

Permits & Scheduling Phase

This is where it begins to feel real! If you choose us as your builders, our team will send your plans through to HOA approval and city permits processes. We will create a detailed construction schedule for your home, guide you through the material selections and continue to refine the budget as each piece is selected and finalized.



The Westgate Warranty

Homes by Westgate has coverage by National Home Warranty. New homes built in BC are protected by 2-5-10 home warranty insurances, as set out by the Homeowner Protection Act of BC.

Detailed  Schedule

When you work with Homes by Westgate, we provide a comprehensive construction schedule to keep you well-informed on our progress and ensure that your project is delivered on time!

Priority Communication

Our relationships are our priority. We're committed to providing you with world-class communication and customer service. Our lines are always open and we're ready to help!