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Here are the most common questions we get about custom homebuilding

Where does Westgate work and service?

At Homes by Westgate, we serve the Lower Mainland area, including West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Vancouver, and surrounding areas. Our expertise extends to the most desirable neighborhoods, such as British Properties, Ambleside, Caufield, Edgemont, Downtown Vancouver, Shaughnessy, Mt. Pleasant, and Wallaby Heights and more.

How much does it cost to build a custom home?

The cost of a custom home depends on the architectural design and chosen finishes. To build a cost-efficient home, a two-story stacked design with moderate finishes is recommended. It is crucial to have your architect, builder, and interior designer collaborate from the beginning to ensure that both your budget and aesthetic preferences are taken into consideration in the design process. You can use our pricing calculator to generate a rough estimate and contact us for an official project quote.

What is the first step in the home building process?

Finding your lot or teardown property first is the ideal approach in the homebuilding process. This way, we and the rest of your homebuilding team can ensure that your dream home maximizes the best features of the lot. We partner with top real estate agents in the city and can offer recommendations.

Who should I bring on first: the Builder or the Architect?

Having both is best. If you already have an architect in mind, we'd be glad to collaborate with them. If not, we can assist you in finding an architect who can bring your vision to reality.

Does Westgate have an in-house architect?

We do not have a dedicated in-house architect. Each of our clients has distinct visions or wish lists for their custom home, and we collaborate with skilled architects who can fulfill their specific requirements.

What is the difference between semi-custom and truly custom homebuilders?

A semi-custom home refers to a company that offers a range of floor plans with limited customization options, such as finishing selections for lighting, countertops, tiles, and flooring, which are restricted to the company's inventory. A custom home, on the other hand, is designed from the ground up and is a truly unique creation. Every aspect of the home, from its design to the materials used, is tailored to meet your needs, tastes, and desires. Your custom home will be one-of-a-kind, with no limits to your selections, except your budget.

How long does it take to build a custom home?

The timeline for building a custom home varies based on its size and complexity, but as a general guideline, it can take anywhere from 10 months to 2 years to construct a fully custom home from start to finish. Although it is possible to complete a semi-custom home within 6-8 months with an exceptional team and favorable circumstances, it's advisable to anticipate a minimum of 10 months. It's also important to note that the architectural design and pre-construction process typically take 3-9 months before construction begins.

How long does it take to renovate a custom home?

Every custom home renovation is distinct and presents its own set of unique challenges and variables. The timeline for each renovation is specific, with construction typically taking between 3-9 months. Extensive whole-house renovations and additions may require up to a year or more. Experienced custom home builders can assess your home and desired renovation scope to provide a credible estimate of the project's duration. They are equipped to consider the relevant factors and factor in some leeway to accommodate any unexpected issues that may arise during the course of a large renovation project.

What type of home renovations does Homes by Westgate specialize in?

We have a history of undertaking extensive home renovations and additions. The distinction between small-scale and large-scale refers to the breadth and intricacy of the project. While some remodeling contractors concentrate on renovating individual rooms, we excel in complex custom constructions that impact multiple areas of the home. Our renovations generally involve both the interior and exterior of the home, require coordination between multiple contractors, and necessitate creative problem-solving throughout the project.

What type of warranty does Westgate offer?

Our warranty covers all material and workmanship for 2 years along with the manufacturer’s warranties. Plumbing, electrical & HVAC are warrantied for 2 years, and structural components carry a 10-year warranty.

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